Slimming World

Slimming World is the leading weight loss programme in the UK. Millions have reached their dream target weight with our generous, no hunger plan supported by over 50 years experience in the psychology of slimming.

What makes our Food Optimising plan so effective is Free Food – healthy satisfying food you can enjoy without weighing, measuring or counting calories. Free foods are everyday foods like lean meat, fish, plant based proteins, pasta (yes really!), rice & grains, fruit & veg, eggs & fat free dairy. This makes it easy to make meals the whole family can enjoy so you will be taking care of their health as well as your own.

No matter how generous the eating plan, we know that to change habits that have formed over many years, you need in depth support & encouragement & that’s what we do in our weekly group sessions. We have a team of consultants locally, running groups Monday – Saturday, daytime & evening so there’s sure to be one to suit even the busiest of lifestyles. In group you will benefit from the experience of your consultant & fellow members – to inspire & be inspired, to change deep rooted habits, share healthy food swaps & plan the week ahead.

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