How much does it cost to park?
£5 per vehicle for the day. However it is free to attend the event and don’t forget to pick up your free programme to guide you through the day.

Why is there a £5 charge for parking?
In the interest of public safety, we have a professional traffic management team to deal with parking.

Can I drop off passengers?
Yes. All traffic will be directed to the pay points in each car park. Drop-off points will be signed near the pay points and drivers will be instructed where to drop-off their passengers by the marshals. They will then leave Frimley Lodge Park via the exit on Guildford Road.

Where do I pick-up?
A pick-up point will be located at the front of Frimley Lodge Park. Drivers picking up passengers will be directed to the Pick-Up area and will be required to stay with their cars should they have to wait to pick up their passengers. If the Pick-up point starts to fill, waiting drivers will be asked to move on to free up the area for passengers waiting to be picked up.

Do Blue Badge holders have to pay for parking?
Yes. Blue Badge holders do have to pay for their parking. Specific parking areas are provided to give priority access to the show field. Blue Badges have to be displayed.

Can I park on the roads around Frimley Park Lodge?
The civil enforcement officers will be on duty and will be patrolling around Frimley Park Lodge. Any vehicles parked on a single or double yellow line will receive a parking ticket. There is also a temporary parking restriction in place Guildford Road which the police will enforce.

Can people park across my drive?
Any vehicle parked across a private drive is liable to receive a penalty charge notice. You can only park across a drive way if you have the house occupant’s permission. Should Parking Services receive a complaint regarding drive parking a penalty charge notice will be issued.

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